Thinking about selling your home or just want to make some improvements but you don’t want to touch all the savings, the following improvements will definitely keep the house looking great and more money in the bank.

1) Ceiling Fans– What once were an expensive solution to rising energy costs are now on the must-have list in most American homes. If your ceiling fans are outdated, replace them for refreshing new look while saving money.

2) Molding- This is one of the most dramatic ways to upgrade a room without breaking the bank. And with buyers consistently ranking both crown molding and chair railings as two of the most desired decorative home features ( according to the National Association of Home Builders ) it’s an upgrade that is sure to pay off.

3) Creative Storage– Never in the history of ever have we heard a homeowner complain about having too much storage space. Dedicated storage- especially when not created at the expense of coveted living space- will always be in demand.

4) Exterior Lighting- A whopping 90% of buyers have outdoor lightning on their home feature “wish list”. It makes your home shine after dark, accent special features and helps keep burglars at bay.

5)Energy efficient upgrades– In addition to upgrading standard home appliances, one of the most energy saving upgrades a homeowner can makes converting a wood burning fireplace-which converts only 15% of woods energy into useful heat-into gas. In fact, 39% of buyers are looking for a gas fireplace in the next home they purchase.