The Summer is coming near and we all know what that means here in beautiful California, the heat is coming soon! Now, I don’t know about you but I love this weather it allows for one to go to the beach and enjoy the waves or hit the sand for a friendly volleyball game with the family. Whatever you do, the heat comes with it including your home.Here are 2 things you can do this Summer to help with energy savings around your home.

1) Programmable Thermostat: A proggramable thermostat can save up to $150 a year on energy costs when properly used. Use one that can automatically turn off your cooling system when you are not home, and turn your system on in time for you to arrive home to a cooled home.

2) Set Air Conditioning at 78 F: Running your air conditioning system at 78 instead of 72 for example can save between 6 to 18 percent on your cooling bill. The smaller the difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be, so set your thermostat as high as possible during the summer times and watch your monthly bill go down!