1. Clear debris from outside stairwell drains, window well drains, and egress window drains
Checking and clearing any drains will help reduce the risk of water building up and causing pressure on the foundation.

2. Ensure that drains are flowing properly
Make sure that any drains located in outside stairwells, window wells, and egress exits are draining water properly.

3. Check gutter downspouts
Make sure that your gutters are free-flowing and leading water away from the house as much as possible. Blocked gutters during heavy rains can cause rain to spill over side of the roof and cause water to pool near the foundation.

4. Check the driveway
Driveway curbs should channel water so that it runs off into the street or away from the home. Sealing open cracks in the driveway can prevent water from gathering under the driveway and potentially making its way into your basement.

5. Avoid aggressive roots when planting trees
Large shade trees, such as silver maple trees, should be planted at least 20 feet away from the home to help avoid foundation cracks from roots. Smaller trees, such a white fir trees, should be given a clearance of at least 10 feet from the home.